United Way of CT Status for Employees

Last Updated 03/23/20 11:25 AM

This page is here to give you guidance on the status of each department of the United Way of Connecticut

We have received guidance from the State of CT that under the Governor’s Executive orders UWC is an essential business.

For the duration of the Governor’s Executive orders we are separating our workforce into 3 categories (subject to change on short notice):

On-site – Staff whose functions need to be done at our office 

Intermittent – Staff whose functions can be completed mainly remote but will need to come to the main office as needed or as ordered.                          

Indeterminate – Staff whose function can only be done from the office but isn’t essential every day, will come in as needed or as ordered.

Please verify your current job category and your current schedule with your supervisor. There are no changes to 2-1-1 staff assignments.

At this point all staff will be paid for their regularly scheduled hours, or the actual hours they work if greater, and benefits will continue as usual. If you are not able to report to work for your scheduled shift either at the office or from your remote location, please submit your timely requests for PTO through Paylocity.

As this is an unprecedented event and the state has determined that all of our services and functions are essential to deal with this, all staff will be paid at their regular rate.

In the event any of these conditions change an AMG alert will be sent out directing staff to check out https://www.ctunitedway.org/status/ for the latest information.