Mitch Beauregard

Mitch Beauregard Senior Vice President Business Operations

Mitch Beauregard has been with United Way of Connecticut since 2013. He has 35 years of business management experience with a focus on finance, human resources and business operations. He has 15 years of C-Suite leadership in CT nonprofit management. An active leader in nonprofit risk management, Mitch has written numerous risk management plans and volunteered with NIQCA (Northeast Institute for Quality Community Action) as a peer reviewer specializing in Human Resources and Fiscal Management review. Mitch is a graduate of Eastern Connecticut State University and holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration. Mitch has been involved in numerous charity events, completing the New York to Boston Aids Ride, the Fight for Air Stair Climb and volunteers for the Hartford Marathon Foundation. Little known fun fact, Mitch competed one season in the FLW Everstart Bass Fishing Tour and is an avid cyclist and kayaker.