Campaign for Working Connecticut

Investing public and private funding in programs supporting Opportunity Youth is essential for promoting economic growth and social equity and for preparing the next generation of workers for a rapidly changing job market.

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The Campaign for Working Connecticut (CWCT) is a statewide coalition of diverse stakeholders that are committed to an Inclusive Economic Recovery in Connecticut.

The COVID-19 public health crisis and resulting economic crisis have underscored the need for a stronger safety net for Connecticut workers that live paycheck to paycheck (ALICE households- Asset Limited, Income Constrained Employed).

The pandemic has also amplified the need for jobseekers, workers and students to have equitable access to the knowledge, skills and pathways needed to meet employers’ middle-skill talent priorities, support business/economic growth, and achieve financial security.

The Campaign for Working Connecticut (CWCT) is a proud member of the Nationals Skills Coalition’s State Policy Advocacy Network (SkillSPAN). SkillSPAN is focused on bringing skills and job training opportunitiesAbout Campaign for Working Connecticut to thousands of people through policy changes. As part of this national network, CWCT advocates for both state and federal policies in education, workforce training, adult education, career and technical education, and safety net arenas to expand economic opportunities for workers and their families while boosting the state’s business capacity.

Digital Equity Presentations

Click on images below to view digital equity presentations from National Skills Coalition. To watch recording of session, click here.

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