United Way of Connecticut

About Us

United Way of Connecticut is the state association for the 15 independent United Ways in the State. As a professional association, we support Connecticut’s local United Ways in their work to improve life in each of their towns and communities. At the State level, United Way of Connecticut parallels the local work of individual United Ways by partnering with other groups to maximize the quality of human services. The most direct way we do that is through the management and operation of a statewide help-by-telephone service called 2-1-1.

Our Mission

The mission of United Way of Connecticut is to help meet the needs of Connecticut and its residents by providing information, education and connection to services.

Mission Strategy Statement

We further our mission by collaborating with local United Ways, and with the State of Connecticut and other community partners to provide:

  • 24/7 free contact center access to health and human services information, with highly trained personnel and easy to use and efficient technologies and business processes;
  • Services in early care and education, child development and disabilities, and services for people of all ages, including health care access, crisis intervention and access to work supports and public benefits;
  • The most comprehensive database of community and health and human services in Connecticut and reports informing state and community leaders on emerging needs in the community as reflected in the service requests that we receive;
  • Emergency/disaster preparation, response and recovery services, with 2-1-1 serving as the statewide vehicle for information dissemination/collection and rumor control; and
  • Advocacy on behalf of the people that United Ways serve through a Connecticut United Way policy agenda.

Our Vision

The vision of United Way of Connecticut is to be the first place people turn to in order to find help connecting to community and health and human services.

  • United Way of Connecticut will serve Connecticut residents with respect and integrity, striving for efficiency and innovation in our work, and employing our unique strengths, including our technological, database management and business process know-how.
  • To achieve our mission and to provide real benefit to more people in more ways, United Way of Connecticut will build on our traditional work by:

    1. Crossing boundaries to enable residents to access multiple services across various government and nonprofit agencies;
    2. Providing more service coordination to streamline access to benefits and work supports for Connecticut residents;
    3. Building on our emergency/disaster response role as the go-to place for statewide information dissemination to the public and rumor control.

Our Core Values

  • We commit to being fully responsive to our clients, taking the necessary actions to address multiple service needs and achieve the best possible outcomes for our clients.
  • We commit to always respect our clients and to protect their right to privacy.
  • We commit to the highest standards of integrity, accuracy and accountability.
  • We commit to being efficient, agile and innovative in our work.
  • We commit to teamwork built on trust and respecting the intrinsic worth of every UWC employee, supporting each other to achieve the best possible outcomes for our work.




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  2-1-1 is supported by the State of Connecticut and Connecticut United Ways.