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In helping others, we shall help ourselves, for whatever good we give out completes the circle and comes back to us." -- Flora Edwards

You can change a life forever.

By contributing time or money through your local United Way you will fund quality programs, participate in developing solutions to neighborhood problems, and improve community life overall. You will help a battered woman find safety, teach a young child how to read, feed a hungry person, or allow an elderly person access to transportation.

You will also help yourself.

As a volunteer with your local United Way or direct service program you will:

  • learn new skills
  • feel good about helping others
  • increase self-confidence
  • raise community/social awareness
  • discover your strengths and talents while helping others do the same
    meet people who share your interests

Play a role in creating opportunities for others to succeed. Reshape your community. Become someone's hero. Contribute time or money to your United Way.

To make a contribution, contact your local United Way.

The United Way planned giving website was created to assist you with various gift planning options as you consider making a contribution to support your community while meeting your family's financial needs.


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